My heart is my art. I've created this little studio of a blog where I can wear my art on my sleeve and hopefully benefit others.

This studio is fundamentally about health. I believe once we become healthy across all areas of life we will build a more sustainable, humane world. I want to promote this vision in some small way, so this blog explores topics in health across the gamut: mind, body, spirit, marketplace, environment, world.

                       WHY I WRITE

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1. My recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe insomnia via natural, non-pharmaceutical means. In time this blog will tell exactly how I did that. I spend a lot of time reading medical abstracts and healed myself by applying research based approaches I learned there. So much helpful complementary medicine has actually been put to scientific study, yet few know this. Most doctors don't know it. I didn't know it either until I started digging around medical journals. I share my findings on this blog. Now that my own health has come together I can think about the world outside my door.  

2. My son's diagnosis with Autism and recent scientific findings suggesting that link the condition to environmental pollution. Childhood disorders and illnesses are increasing across the board. Due, in part, to profuse amounts of endocrine disrupting chemicals and hormones in our food and environment, children are entering puberty at younger ages, putting them at risk for cancer later in life. And, ADHD has been linked to heavy metal exposure in the air and food, while developmental disorders in general are linked to flame retardants that are in everything from our carpets and bedding to cars and computers. This canary-in-the-coalmine generation is paying a high price for our having turned the entire planet into a hazmat zone. I believe we can turn that around and this blog tries to help in some small way.

3. In college I worked in a restaurant. I have never been one who could abuse my body for long with impunity. I need three squares and a few minutes here and there to think. Yet, restaurant work can be notorious for requiring employees to push themselves during punishing shifts with little time to eat or think. 

What must it be like for those who have it much worse, working in overseas sweatshops for pennies on the dollar, woken in the middle of the night to work in factories after already having put in a full day, with few labor laws or safety requirements? These are the people who make our clothing, our televisions, our computers, our cellphones - our everything.

I seek to participate as little as possible in this economic system based on exploitation of human beings for profit and instead transfer my consumer dollars to companies with fair labor practices. This blog highlights some of those companies. It also raises money for Kiva, a not-for-profit lending organization that makes interest free business loans to low income entrepreneurs in the developing world, which helps families lift themselves out of poverty (see Kiva Campaign page up top).

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