Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 11-1-11 Next Leap in Evolutionary Consciousness Worldwide Meditation


The morning of September 11, 2001 random numbers generators from sixty-five locations around the world started acting peculiar. Instead of recording the usual chain of random sequences, the computational hub at Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project registered major coherence spikes that began fifteen minutes before the first plane made impact.


Since the generators measured fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field these spikes had researchers scratching their heads in amazement. They suspected that changes in the earth's magnetic field can impact humans but could the reverse also happen? These data seemed to suggest that wide-spread, cohesive emotional responses from humans might impact the earth's magnetic field.

This outcome sparked renewed interest in mind-over-matter research. Suddenly researchers and lay folk wondered what we might accomplish with collective intention. When journalist Lynne McTaggart organized collective intention research designed by scientists from Princeton University, University of Arizona and other prestigious research institutions we joined them by the thousands. And when the Global Coherence Initiative set up twelve sensors around the world to scientifically observe a potential symbiotic relationship between collective human emotions, earth changes, and the planet's magnetic field many of us wanted in. Now is our chance.


At 11:11 a.m. Pacific Time on 11-1-11 the Global Coherence Initiative and Evolutionary Leaders will co-sponsor a world-wide meditation for planetary healing and conscious awareness. Thousands of us across the world will collectively hold the following intention:

"Our intention is to transcend superficial differences that divide us – race, religion, politics, beliefs, culture – to acknowledge, experience and honor the essential bond that unites us all as one interdependent organism. We also intend to evolve in both consciousness and action so that each of us learns to perceive the whole, relate to others in wholeness, widen our definition of ‘we’ to be all inclusive and become evolutionary leaders for a peaceful, holistic, sustainable world."

Those interested can register at the Evolutionary Leaders website. Use The Time Zone converter to adjust Pacific Time to where you live. If you can't participate at the appointed time here is what I am doing:  Since I am unavailable at 11:11 a.m Pacific Time I will do the meditation that evening and project the intention back to 11:11. If Einstein is correct that past, present, and future are just stubbornly held illusions it shouldn't matter, right?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fair Trade IS A Market Force

Once I landed on a website whose author bashed those who deliberately seek Certified Fair Trade products. This person sees inherent wisdom in the free market and thinks Fair Trade Certification implies there is something wrong with the market. Ten years later that article still sticks in my brain like a splinter because I think it sorely misses the point.

Fair Trade consumers are not rejecting the market - we are using it. We have decided that living wages, no forced or child labor, environmental sustainability, and transparency are market forces worthy of our consumer spending. Why are price, quality, and brand considered valid market forces but a guarantee that goods were not produced in sweatshops is something that starts with a c and ends with Gorbachev? Think about it.

And I would argue that Fair Trade participation in the market is pure because vendors do not rely on government subsidies, which is more than we can say for some too big to fail industries. Yes, living wages are set in the Fair Trade system, but consumers turn that into a market force, not governments.

Has our culture become so divided that we'd rather trade -isms than consider the substance behind another's values when they differ from our own?


October is Fair Trade Month

App Source: Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade certification and membership organizations all agree on these basic Fair Trade principles:

-Long-term direct trading relationships
-Prompt payment of fair prices and wages
-No child, forced or otherwise exploited labor
-Workplace non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association
-Safe working conditions and reasonable work hours
-Investment in community development projects
-Environmental sustainability
-Traceability and transparency

* Source  Fair World Project

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Green Giveaway: Stainless Steel Drinking Straws


A few years ago I started feeling guilty about all the non-recyclable straws that my family used once then discarded. I imagined them piled atop each other in the landfill for eternity. That charming visual made me ask Google if anyone makes reuseable stainless steel straws. Ten bucks and two days later these cool silver straws arrived in our mailbox. They even had the serrated bend in the neck like the plastic ones. Our glasses haven't seen the old landfill fodder since. Now I just need to ratchet up my green commitment and bring these like a dork when we eat in restaurants.

Since I like these so much I'm giving away a set of four stainless steel drinking straws (Endurance brand). I hope the winner enjoys these as much as we have. I have to warn you though parents: you will only know where two of these are at any given time and this will frustrate you. But alas, just lift your couch cushions and there you will find the others.

To enter this giveaway please leave an email address or a link to your website below. Winner will be chosen by random drawing on September 27th, 2011.


*This is not a sponsored post. I funded this giveaway.

*This giveaway was originally posted on my Wordpress Blog. Congratulations to Hazel Harker of The Witch Next Door for winning the straws.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Son's New Environmentally Friendly, Fair Trade "Ethletic" Sneakers


The decision to purchase all of mine and my son's outerwear and shoes used was among my earliest green lifestyle commitments. It's inexpensive and he doesn't seem to notice. Yet.

Shoes are easy. Since kids outgrow them in like a week I usually find decent ones at thrift stores and garage sales. But I missed the yard sales this year and it's been slim pickings at the thrift stores. So this fall I found myself in novel territory - I had to buy the kid brand new sneakers. I was at a loss, completely unschooled in locating new eco friendly sneakers for kids.

Google helped me find this pair from The Autonomie Project.


These sneakers are made from organic cotton and naturally sourced rubber that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All materials are sourced locally to each supplier, reducing carbon and pollution footprints.

Another reason I buy used clothing and shoes is concern over sweatshops and child slave labor. I hate not knowing if my purchases fund human misery and it's not like companies stamp that information on their products. This is why I love that these sneakers are Fair Trade Certified.  Autonomie Project works directly with independent cooperatives in the developing world. This enables workers to lift out of poverty and send their children to school. A portion of profits also goes to initiatives that benefit the communities, such as health care clinics and clean water initiatives. That's why these are called Ethletic sneakers. Eth-letic. Get it?


The price was a pleasant surprise. These were $60.00 including shipping. While that's more than I usually spend it's a bargain considering $150.00 sneakers are all the rage with kids these days. (Children's sizes run small and must be sized up).



Gap Admits to Possible Child Labor Problem - ABC News

Slavery in the Garment Industry - CNN

Shopping for Sweat: The Human Cost of a Two Dollar Shirt - Harper's Magazine

The Human Cost of Chocolate - CNN (Human Trafficking in the Cocoa Industry)


Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade Federation

Ten Thousand Villages

Equal Exchange

The National Green Pages Directory (also Fair Trade)


AP - Fair Trade Fashion and Footwear


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but after ordering my son's shoes I decided to make this blog an Autonomie Project Affiliate. I earn 10% on anything sold via an AP link badge on this site. All profits will be donated to Kiva. To learn more visit my giving back page.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Homemade Compost Bins: Part 1

I was not going to buy a pre-made compost bin. Those are expensive and plastic. And since I'm all-crazy-like about chemicals my dirt couldn't bake in a BPA-laden tumbler, even though my garden routinely gets drenched in toxic Louisville tap water (Don't judge). An open compost pit was out of the question too what with critters and the stench, so we made our own. Problems solved. Or are they? You tell me.

We took two stainless steel garbage cans, drilled holes in the bottom and sides for drainage and worm entry, then buried them in a remote corner of the backyard.


While one decomposes


the other is ready for use.



1.) No decomposition stench or critter infestations.

2.) No need to add worms; they find their way in.

3.) Cheap. Cost $40.00. And the sweat of my husband's brow.

4.) Must stir manually. It works the arms.


1.) Must stir manually. It works the arms.

2.) You must dig the holes. This is a lot of work. Just ask my husband.

3.)  I have garbage can lids sticking out of my backyard that can probably be detected by Google Earth.

4.) System doesn't meet entire compost needs of my average sized vegetable and flower gardens.

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