Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Son's New Environmentally Friendly, Fair Trade "Ethletic" Sneakers


The decision to purchase all of mine and my son's outerwear and shoes used was among my earliest green lifestyle commitments. It's inexpensive and he doesn't seem to notice. Yet.

Shoes are easy. Since kids outgrow them in like a week I usually find decent ones at thrift stores and garage sales. But I missed the yard sales this year and it's been slim pickings at the thrift stores. So this fall I found myself in novel territory - I had to buy the kid brand new sneakers. I was at a loss, completely unschooled in locating new eco friendly sneakers for kids.

Google helped me find this pair from The Autonomie Project.


These sneakers are made from organic cotton and naturally sourced rubber that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All materials are sourced locally to each supplier, reducing carbon and pollution footprints.

Another reason I buy used clothing and shoes is concern over sweatshops and child slave labor. I hate not knowing if my purchases fund human misery and it's not like companies stamp that information on their products. This is why I love that these sneakers are Fair Trade Certified.  Autonomie Project works directly with independent cooperatives in the developing world. This enables workers to lift out of poverty and send their children to school. A portion of profits also goes to initiatives that benefit the communities, such as health care clinics and clean water initiatives. That's why these are called Ethletic sneakers. Eth-letic. Get it?


The price was a pleasant surprise. These were $60.00 including shipping. While that's more than I usually spend it's a bargain considering $150.00 sneakers are all the rage with kids these days. (Children's sizes run small and must be sized up).



Gap Admits to Possible Child Labor Problem - ABC News

Slavery in the Garment Industry - CNN

Shopping for Sweat: The Human Cost of a Two Dollar Shirt - Harper's Magazine

The Human Cost of Chocolate - CNN (Human Trafficking in the Cocoa Industry)


Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade Federation

Ten Thousand Villages

Equal Exchange

The National Green Pages Directory (also Fair Trade)


AP - Fair Trade Fashion and Footwear


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but after ordering my son's shoes I decided to make this blog an Autonomie Project Affiliate. I earn 10% on anything sold via an AP link badge on this site. All profits will be donated to Kiva. To learn more visit my giving back page.

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  1. Those sneakers look great! Having 4 sons I've always tried to recycle clothes, shoes and toys as much as possible from oldest to youngest. It gets more difficult as they get older though as some are harder on their clothes/shoes than others so things don't always last as long as I'd hoped they get 'fashion-conscious' but at least the old stuff can be worn at home and the newer clothes saved for going out with friends or whatever. :)

  2. I'll bet you get a lot of mileage out of clothing that way, Jenny. When his ABA therapist saw his shoes she was excited. She said when they were out one day he pointed to shoes like these and when she asked if he wanted them he said yes. It was a lucky guess on my part. :)

  3. What a wonderful option for sneakers! You're right...that price is a bargain compared to the other sneakers out there. And it's always worth it for good quality sneakers made with organic cotton and natural rubber. Yay for fair trade!

  4. Thank MIG. They look just like something called "Chucks" apparently (Chuck Taylor's??). The kids seem to know what that means...


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