Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Homemade Compost Bins - Part Two


In October I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of my composting system.


Though wonderful, alone it just didn't produce enough compost for my gardening needs.

I solved that problem by re-purposing a large stainless steel garbage can that was just being used to store junk anyway.

I drilled holes vertically around the four sides for circulation and drainage.


Then I did the same on the bottom


and on the lid.


The decomposition of food into compost requires hot temperatures. And no container does decomposition better than stainless steel baking in the hot sun, which is good since I need my compost fast.


So now I have the three cans going and that should be enough.

Cost of this one = $20.00 and 45 minutes to drill holes. 


There are other ideas for homemade compost bins floating around cyberspace.

bctphotos @ Photobucket has a self-contained, raised open bin.

MagzDragon @ Photobucket uses a plastic garbage can. Seems like using a plastic garbage can with wheels might come in handy because you wouldn't require a wheel barrel to move the dirt.

What compost system do you use?


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