Sunday, January 22, 2012

Introducing Louisville's First Med Mob

Yesterday I did something waaaaay outside my comfort zone. Now get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking about my participation in Louisville's first Med Mob

On January 21st, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time people in 250 cities around the globe joined in public flash mob meditations.

Our Med Mob gathered around a fountain at The Mall of St. Matthews. I'd say it was more gathering than mob. Okay, so maybe it was just myself and five other people! Well, seven of us actually, because you can't meditate in public anywhere in Louisville without practically getting stampeded by the likeness of a horse.

I was so nervous. Would we be mistaken for protesters and get arrested? Would teenagers use our eyes for dart practice? And why was I doing this anyhow? 

But when we closed our eyes Tom Petty's song Learning to Fly came on the overhead stereo and I felt the whole group relax. We meditated peacefully for twenty minutes and then we heard it - the fuzzy garble of security guard walkie-talkies. I sat there, eyes closed, telling myself - don't go into fear, don't go into fear, which is just like telling yourself - don't think of an elephant, don't think of an elephant

Apparently some Vegas style cooler kabashed our vibe. This woman came over, snapped pictures of us, and started passing out fliers we had available for people to take (though we had no intention of passing them out unsolicited like that). When this attracted mall security the woman took off. We knew none of  this, what with our eyes closed and all, but the security guards thought she was with us. They were super nice but concerned that if she posted those pictures on the Internet with store-front logos in the background that would violate copyright. They kindly said we could continue but our momentum was gone.

This drove home to me how few truly public square type places remain in America today, and, that when you really think about it, so much of what we do these days, however innocent, risks some copyright.

So we are on the lookout for an indoor public space for the next several Med Mobs. Once the weather warms up though look out Louisville Metro parks system. We're here! We're quiet! Get used to it! :)  Stay tuned.

For more information:

Med Mob: Inquire Within (international site)

Med Mob Louisville on Facebook

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  1. I love it! Yes,how scary that something so simple and peaceful can be so complicated, so hijacked! This endless "coypright" thing...cameras, storefronts and Facebook? Who Knew? But good all around for you my courageous friend!

    It did occur to me that if, when we feel fear, we were to convert it into a large protective Elephant in our mnids, it might become quite a good talisman against fear (and perhaps a Shaman's ally?)...

    Oh, I have a very good feeling about your Med Mob Movement in Louisville!

  2. I am so glad you have a good feeling about our little venture out here because I know that can only mean good things ahead.

    I was thinking of that old subconscious mind saw - if you tell yourself don't think of an elephant what will you think of? An elephant, of course. Don't go into fear is the same thing. Say that to yourself and what happens? You are afraid. We heard security around for a few minutes before they approached us and we sent them a lot of positivity though. I am thinking about the public library. They can't say much about people sitting there quietly, now can they?

  3. LOVE this idea! Can't wait to hear about future attempts, minus interfering on-lookers! Way to face your fear and walk (sit?) in courage instead...

  4. Thank you. We are trying the public library next time. Really, what can they say about a group of people sitting quietly in the library??


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