Saturday, June 8, 2013

Okabashi Shoes: Recyclable, Affordable, and Made in the U.S.A

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Every summer I look forward to the Okabashi shoe display at Whole Foods. I LOVE their shoes! Here's why:


Most of their shoes are under $20 and have a two year guarantee.

100% Recyclable

According to their website, last year Okabashi was able to "reuse over 100,000 pounds of scrap material last year alone, diverting 10 tractor trailers full of waste from our landfills".


Normally I can't wear flip flops because their poor support aggravates my back. But these shoes are so comfortable and supportive that Okabashi is the only shoe company endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Made in the U.S.A

I despise shopping because it haunts me not knowing if what I buy was made in some over-seas sweatshop by exploited or slave labor. We vote for the kind of world we want every day by how we spend our money. Since Okabashi shoes are made in the United States, our labor and safety laws assure that my consumer dollars do not fund human misery. Plus, buying American feeds our economy.

Okabashi Shoes on Amazon

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  1. I love this, just knowing this company is "out there". I am in Canada, but I am always happy to see American jobs and American-made goods for you folks.

    I have stumbled across a movement to go "fridge-free" (in my new apartment the "new" fridge sounds like a ship's engines - reassuring if crossing the Atlantic, not so much while trying to relax or have a conversation, or actually BE in the kitchen...). I was afraid my visions of the Coleman Cooler, ice-jugs and a new small freezer to sustain this might be the last sign of a broken mind, but it turns out lots of people are turning to this combo, largely for the energy savings. Those like me frustrated by the noise are returning fridges, moving them to outer fields, unplugging them by night, and so on...Still, the two streams must be meant to flow together. I thought you might explore the idea of just "turning it off" and using so many other neat forms of preservation. However, now that you are working full time, that might be quite a chore - and you have a great deal on your plate as it is....Just a thought! Love your site...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That is a great idea about the fridge! I bet it could be totally do-able for you if you know exactly what you need and can plan accordingly. I also like the idea of going part-time fridge-less by unplugging them at night. We have to do that a lot during these Kentucky summers what with all the storms and tornadoes and it is never the end of the world. Sounds like this is something you could ease into slowly. Do keep me posted. As much as I love the idea, as for going fridge-less here, well, that would take two yeses and I'm pretty I could only scare up one. :)

    I'm sort of firming up the vision for this blog around health in the broadest sense, inspired by my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe insomnia, this Canary in the Coal mine generation of children with environmentally triggered illnesses, and fair market practices. I'm going to write what I know.


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