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Day 6: The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment: What's Happened Thus Far by Lynne McTaggart

"Dear Friends

I’ve been absolutely stunned by the extraordinary outpouring
of response to the 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment.

First of all, the is the stunning attendance. Thousands of people from more than

70 countries around the globe have participated – and virtually every corner of the
world is represented. Of course, we have thousands of participants from the
US (even US minor outlying islands!), Canada, Great Britain, and every country
in the European Union, from Germany and the Netherlands, to France, Ireland, Italy,
Spain and Greece, Malta and the northern Scandinavian countries
(Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark.).

But we have equal participation from the Middle East, with
nearly every Arab country represented in the Middle East
and northern Africa: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE,
Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria,
Eritrea, the occupied territories in Palestine and even Iraq,
plus Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, and the Sudan.
Happily, although we centered on 9/11 and a target of
interest to America and the Arab nations, Israelis participated too.

Intenders came from Mexico and many countries in Central
America, such as Panama, Paraguay and Costa Rica, South
America (Columbia, Brazil and Venezuela) and even many
islands in the Caribbean and Atlantic, such as Netherlands
Antilles, Tobago, Aruba, Antigua, Jamaica, Trinidad and
Bermuda. Participants came from India, Sri Lanka, and
also Eastern Europe countries such as Croatia, Macedonia,
Slovania, Hungary, Estonia, Romania and Russia. Other parts
of Africa were represented in Botswana, Mauritania and South
Africa. We also had many participants from the Far East:
Australia and New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia,
Thailand and Singapore. Even citizens of Iceland joined in.

We started on Sunday September 11, and connected virtuall
with One: the Event and many other events, such as the Bhakti
Festival at Joshua Tree. So besides our formal intenders who’d
registered, we had many well wishers at live events amplifying
our effect.

I have broadcast LIVE at One: the Event and through every day immediately before and
after the experiment to offer updates and reactions from
participants. Although the beautifulexchange site did not show
to all participants through our own web pages, by the second
day, after we called in a web broadcasting expert, the broadcasts
have been flawless. We now recommend that participants in the
Intention Experiment keep open two windows - and -
and first watch me and then participate in the experiment before coming back for commentary.

Kuwaiti Peace Activist and well-known human potential specialist
Salah Al-Rashed offered an apology for the events of 9/11 and called
upon all Arabs to work actively to ensure this tragedy does not happen
again. I responded with an apology for the aftermath of 9/11 and the
two wars that have resulted in the deaths, injuries, displacement and
detaining of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

I made a call in my talk for everyone to become a spiritual activist for
peace. Our two apologies (both spoken in English) have been uploaded
onto YouTube with Arab subtitles and seen by tens of thousands.

If you’ve missed them, you can access them from the front page
of the 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment site:

Your reactions
Although it may be too early to discover whether our intention
has changed, participants are reported amazing experiences
before and after the daily intentions. Here are just a few of the
hundreds and hundreds of comments I’ve received (and
Dr. Al-Rashed has received hundreds more in Arabic).

About the process itself:

Maria from the US: ‘I felt a connection moving in and
through my heart, creating a gridlike plane connecting
us all. It felt amazingly powerful to feel plugged into a
community setting this same intention and forward
movement. At another moment it was as if we are all
 sitting on any ever expanding spiral. Our combined
 intention was propelling the spiral forward. I could
feel hearts softening and welcoming connection once again.’

Ze from the US: ‘It was a totally amazing, amazing
experience. It was like a giant round football stadium with
all these layers of people, and we were all connected and
recognizing ourselves as on. And once it was noticed by all
that we were one, we all turned our focus back to the
countries as one unified energy force and brought the peace
and love to the people of that area, flowing beautiful
harmony between all.’

Simona from Romania said: ‘I felt waves and waves of
shivers all over my body...I felt like swimming in an ocean
of good will,love, hope. ..My eyes went wet and I felt to tap
on my heart area...’

Megan from the US: ‘I felt a powerful energetic pulsing
through my spine and core of my body, like healing energy
that was activated and resonating with all of us who are
holding this intention at the same time across the globe.

Most experienced the feelings deepening as the days went on:

Mouâd: ‘Indeed I felt more energy than yesterday - it was
really good.

Cathy: ‘The feelings in my own body felt very electrified. . .
like I had a white glow around my body yesterday, with a
white cylinder connecting my body (and everyone else’s) to the
target area yesterday. TODAY I felt a more powerful sensation
from my own body, every cell felt like it was turned on and
vibrating. Same white light leaving my body and joining others
and going to target, but stronger sensation from my own body

Many people described out of body experiences:

Saad: ‘I entered a new area in my consciousness. I don't know how
to explain it in mere words, nor do I know what it is! But I didn't feel
my body, I wasn't a body at that very (long) moment. I then felt the
collective collaboration and sympathy.’

Linda from the US: ‘It was like being in the total vortex of prayer
energy of all that were focusing, like an out-of-body experience.
Then it all stopped, exactly 10 minutes later when the screen said
to, but it was a timeless place I was in.’

What the scientists say:

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who is measuring the emotional context
of our ‘collective consciousness,’ says he recorded the first effect on
Sunday, September 11. He’ll be analyzing every one of the eight
days in detail after the experiment is over.

If you haven’t participated yet: You still can, and we’ll have a big
finale this weekend. Please take a few moments and register now
and come onto our website: a few
moments before 1 pm US Eastern (5 pm GMT) and participate TODAY,
TOMORROW and SUNDAY. And tune into our broadcast at 12:55 pm
Eastern DST (4: 55 pm GMT) at"

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