Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meet Hamid: Our Second Reader Funded Kiva Borrower


A few years ago I had the dream of turning this blog into a mini micro-lending foundation to benefit low income entrepreneurs in the developing world through the non-profit organization Kiva. Since this blog does not receive a lot of traffic I wasn't sure how the project would go. And for the first year it didn't. But once I posted about how I cured my intractable insomnia with a light box and by wearing blue blocker glasses at night, information I found in medical databases, the project really took off. People started buying light boxes and blue blockers from my affiliate links on the page and shared the link with other insomniacs.

Then I noticed something else: people weren't only buying light boxes and blue blockers, but unrelated items. It appears some people are now people going out of the way to access Amazon for their routine purchases through banners on this page to help with the project, which is wonderful. The blog has been lately earning enough now to issue about three loans monthly. There is a few months' delay to when I receive payments, so the full amount of loans we will issue remains to be seen, but I can tell by my sales statistics that the number keeps growing. And remember, once each loan is re-paid those funds are issued to other borrowers in a continuous cycle. Moonbeams and Eco-Dreams has indeed become the mini foundation of my dreams. Thank you, readers. You are making a difference.

Now, about Hamid. He is a farmer from Tajikistan. Many of the countries served by Kiva to not have state funded public education, so if parents cannot come up with the resources the children can't go to school. Hamid still has one child to get through school, so he wants to cultivate a new plot of land to help cover education costs. He will use the funds to buy seedlings and mineral fertilizers.

To help fulfill the rest of Hamid's loan click here or join our Kiva team page here. You can also help by accessing for your purchases through the store banners on the sidebar of this website, at no extra cost to you. One hundred percent of affiliate profits earned by this website are donated to this cause. Thank you for your support.

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