Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Day Cannabidiol Oil Passed The Kentucky House

We're in The House chamber, forty parents of children with epilepsy and their children . They actually passed this thing, medical cannabis oil for children. In Kentucky! 98-0!

I look around. Parents are elated, but somber too. A room full of people that finally get to exhale, but not completely. Never completely. Our kids' lives are about to get better, but they will never be great. One of them has a seizure on The House floor while a nearby legislator looks on, weeping. There will always be feeding tubes, wheelchairs. The infant sitting next to me will still have a life expectancy of two. My son will still have to make his way in a world that assaults his senses while his mother fights for her life. But we smile because we know it is a great day. Our children may one day have less seizures and some of them might even live longer now. For today, that is enough.


*This law is the project I have been working on all winter has kept me from Moonbeams and Eco-Dreams. The week this passed we were asked to write a vignette in my writing workshop. I was still processing my emotions from the day and this came out.

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